7 Things to Do After a Car Crash

Driver calling after

If you've been in a car accident you know it is a traumatic event. After the initial shock wears off, you're confronted with all kinds of issues including: medical bills, car repairs, insurance companies, police reports, and traffic court. You don't know wh...

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No Fee Until We Collect

Every injury attorney uses the familiar advertising slogan: "no fee until we collect." It's true that personal injury attorneys generally do not charge clients anything upfront. The problem is that the fee they charge at the end of the case is extremely hig...

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What's the Rush

If you've been in a car accident you've probably had the experience of an insurance company trying to rush you into accepting a settlement. So what's the rush?

Basically, the insurance company doesn't want to be on the hook for your future damages. When ...

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Finding a Personal Injury Lawyer After a Car Accident

Most people involved in car accidents rush to find a personal injury lawyer. But before you hire a lawyer you should determine whether you even need an attorney and be aware of which attorneys to avoid. So let's take a look at where most people find their p...

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Car Accident Claims Made Simple

Many people using the forms on eCarCrash.com can't believe that there's not more involved in settling a car insurance claim. Since lawyers charge 1/3 of the settlement to handle these claims people assume that lawyers must do more.

However, unless a laws...

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Calculate the Value of Your Insurance Claim

The number one question we get at eCarCrash.com is: "how much is my claim worth?" We looked, but couldn't find any good claim calculators to recommend; so we created our own. We're excited to announce the eCarCrash.com [Car Accident Claim Calculator](http:/...

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