Professional documents for your car insurance claim

eCarCrash generates the key documents you need to handle your insurance claim.

  • Notification to the insurance company
  • Requests for medical records & bills
  • Settlement demand letter to the insurance company
  • And more...

The insurance company owes you money

If you've been injured in a car accident and the accident was the other driver's fault, you're entitled to compensation. The other driver's insurance company owes you money for your injuries.

eCarCrash helps you get money the insurance company owes you

Just answer a few easy questions and eCarCrash will automatically generate all of the documents you need to handle your claim. You’ll get helpful tips along the way that will simplify the insurance claims proces.


Know the value of your injury claim

You probably have medical bills, lost time from work, and your car needs repair. How can you be sure the insurance company is fully compensating you for your losses? eCarCrash helps you understand the fair value of your claim, so you’ll know whether the insurance company is giving you their best settlement offer.

Save thousands in attorneys fees

Did you know that you don't need an attorney to settle your car accident claim? Most car accident claims are simple to resolve on your own, without an attorney. Attorneys are expensive, typically charging at least 13 of the total settlement. That means if you have an $18,000 insurance claim, you will have to pay your attorney at least $6,000. By handling your claim on your own you'll be able to keep all of your settlement money.

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